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This book contains interesting details about 141 tropical fruit and nuts. Learn how to identify, harvest or purchase tropical fruit and nuts; learn how to store them and know when they are mature or ripe. Most importantly, Know and Enjoy Tropical Fruit explains how to eat these fruit and contains 333 cosmopolitan recipes. Extensive tables list each fruit’s vitamins, minerals, energy contents, botanical and common names and their fruiting periods.

Know and Enjoy Tropical Fruit is an excellent reference to tropical fruit and nuts and their uses. Tropical fruit is appealing and healthy. Frequent travel and fast international trade have made these fruit widely available. Knowledge opens the way to best appreciation. A unique book for the gourmet, adventure traveller and fruit lover.

Written by James J Darley the book has 192 printed pages on glossy art paper. 62 high quality colour photographs are integrated with the text. Hardcover binding with gold stamped spine. Attractive, colourful jacket. ISBN 0 646 135392

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